Class 8 - WC 03/07/17

We had another new pupil in class 8 this week, with Katie-Mae joining us from Park Primary. Unfortunately for her she joined us for assessment week! In English we planned and then wrote a persuasive letter to Ms Roe; asking for fidget spinners to be banned or allowed (depending what each pupil thought). Everyone did very well, writing their letters independently. As well as POW, we also completed a spelling and reading assessment!


Everyone worked extremely hard in maths this week, producing some excellent work on algebra. Firstly we looked at ‘expanding brackets’, multiplying the inside of the brackets by the number or letter on the outside. We then looked at substituting numbers into expressions in place of the letters; with the pupils then solving the equations. Finally we looked at solving two-step equations!


We made lemon and poppy seed cake in cooking this week; which most pupils ate straight after the lesson. In science we had some very interesting ideas about reversible and irreversible changes. We then put these ideas into practice, by sorting items into reversible and irreversible sections.


Congratulations to Katie-Mae who won the ‘student of the week’ award in her first week, along with a trip horse riding and a £5 voucher for a green week. Callum won the ‘most points’ award and he finally picked up a £5 for his green week. Callum represented the class at Elm Tree Court with Imani joining