Class 8 - WC 04/09/17

The first week back in class 8 has been very enjoyable. We have started our Flat Stanley topic in English, where we read the book together as a class and then answer questions based on what we have read. We also completed the first POW of the year, with an additional challenge. Pupils had to include specific pieces of punctuation as well as a certain amount of adjectives.


In maths we have been looking at place value and ordering numbers. Everyone did extremely well, with some pupils even moving onto ordering and comparing decimals. We also completed our mental maths and maths investigation.


In science we used the reaction between lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda to inflate a balloon. Everyone had a lot of fun watching the reaction take place. In cooking we made some delicious apple pie, using very sour apples. In art, we used string, bin bags and bamboo canes to make kites!


Congratulations to Onray who collected the ‘student of the week’ and Tyler for earning the ‘most points’ award as well as a £5 voucher for achieving a green week. Onray and Tyler also represented our class at Elm Tree Court.