Class 8 - WC 05/06/17

We started our new topic for the half term, looking at inventors and inventions. In English we looked at some famous inventors; Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Alexander Graham Bell. We watched a video and read some information about them and then had to answer questions in full sentences. Unfortunately we missed POW this week due to the school being closed.


In maths we looked at using scales to measure distances and sizes. We used string to measure distances between two places in London and then used a scale to work out the real distance. We also looked at finding the real sizes of pictures or objects, again by using a scale.


In science we looked at the difference between dissolving and melting. We predicted which materials were soluble and which were not soluble. We will be testing out these predictions next week.Congratulations to Imani, who won the ‘most points’ award as well as the ‘student of the week’ award.