Class 8 - WC 05/09/16

We have welcomed back Sarah and Callum to class 8 this year, with Ms Shah returning as well. As we already knew each other, we could get straight on with our school work. In English we have started a new scheme of work which runs along side the Flat Stanley books; Callum has produced some excellent work already. Sarah is continuing to work with Ms Shah in her English lessons, completing eight worksheets in one lesson!
We have looked at sorting and ordering numbers in maths, with Callum managing to order some very long decimals. Sarah has ordered whole numbers independently, which was amazing! We have started to look at the work of Alberto Giacometti in art, with both Callum and Sarah producing some fantastic portraits. Callum and Sarah worked with Ms Shah in cooking to produce some tasty flapjacks.
Callum and Sarah each earned a 'student of the week' award, due to their excellent attitudes' towards work and behaviour. Sarah also earned the 'most points' award as well as a £5 voucher.