Class 8 - WC 05/12/16

We had another week of looking at fractions in maths. Now everyone can add, subtract and multiply fractions, even if they have different denominators. It was our assessed writing week in English. The class were looking at recounts. We wrote a short recount, then planned a longer one and finally wrote a recount totally independently; everyone did extremely well.


In science we looked at our plant investigation. We found out that plants definitely need light, water, food, warmth and air to survive. If they didn’t have one of these variables, they could grow, but not as strong as the plant which had everything. We continued with our Giacometti sculptures in art, finally starting the papier mache. We got into the Christmas spirit in cooking, making mince pies.


Congratulations to Cieran for the second week in a row, picking up the ‘most points’ and ‘student of the week’ awards.