Class 8 - WC 06/02/17

We welcomed Imani into class 8 for Monday morning and after an excellent week of behaviour, the ‘most points’, ‘student of the week’ and a golden award, it looks like she’s staying! We had a slightly different week in class, with Mr Webster being out of class on Tuesday. We still completed our usual lessons with everyone completing some excellent POW as well as naming 3d shapes in maths.


As well as POW, we created some wanted posters for famous pirates, such as Blackbeard and Captain Morgan. They all look really good on our new pirate display. We looked at rotational symmetry as well as 3d shapes in maths; with some excellent independent work being completed in our maths investigation on Friday. Viktor and Imani made a chicken stir fry in cooking, complete with noodles, ginger, soy sauce as well as a selection of vegetables. We had a guest in class 8 on Wednesday who spoke to us about the importance of a healthy diet. She showed us the amount of sugar in different drinks as well as the amount of fat in different takeaways.