Class 8 - WC 08/01/18

This week in maths we looked at telling the time and solving problems based on time. Everyone worked extremely hard and made some excellent progress; with some pupils now being able to tell the time who previously could not.


Mr Shah was in class for POW this week, and he was very pleased with the quality of work produced. There were some very interesting stories produced by the whole class. There have also been some very good reports from the various phonics groups that members of class 8 attend.


We continued to look at forces in science, making predictions about which material will cause the most friction when our cars roll over them. We produced our list of materials, method and prediction and explained how it would be a fair test, all in preparation for the investigation next week. We had a short cooking lesson this week, making porridge.


Congratulations to Onray who won the ‘most points’ award as well as ‘student of the week’. Congratulations also to Imani who earned a horse riding trip.