Class 8 - WC 10/07/17

We had a very good week in class, with us finally going on our class trip! Everyone has worked very hard this year; with their attitude towards work and their behaviour, so the class was rewarded with a trip to Jump Arena and Pizza Hut! Everyone had a great time bouncing around and then eating loads of pizza! We were meant to have Sports Day on Wednesday, but due to the weather it was postponed until next week.


We still worked hard this week, despite the trips, completing some amazing ‘emoji maths’. Pupils had to find the value of different emojis by using their division and addition skills. We also completed POW; writing stories about a safe being broken into!


Congratulations to Katie-Mae who won the ‘most points’ award, ‘student of the week’ award, a £5 voucher as well as a trip horse riding. Well done to Imani who also earned her trip horse riding and to Tyler who also won a ‘student of the week’ award.


The new classes for next year were announced on Friday, with Callum moving up into class 1, Danny moving onto Prism and Tyler, Kyla, Imani, Shaun-Michael and Katie-Mae staying in class 8. They will be joined by Onray and Travis.