Class 8 - WC 12/06/17

We continued with our Inventors and Inventions theme in English this week. We looked at the different appliances that we use at home and how important they are to each of us. We wrote sentences saying what we could do or use if we did not have those appliances. We then rated them in order of personal importance; unsurprisingly the television was top of every list. We had some excellent POWs this week, focusing on a sunny day.


In maths we focused on algebra. We started by grouping ‘like terms’ in an algebraic expression. We then simplified the expressions. We then moved onto solving algebraic equations by inversing the equation to find out what the letter represented. In science we carried out an investigation to see which materials were soluble and which were insoluble. In cooking we made sausage, kidney bean and tomato wraps.


Congratulations to Imani who has won the ‘most points’ award and to Shaun-Michael who has won the ‘student of the week’ award, for trying really hard with his behaviour this week.