Class 8 - WC 13/02/17

Mr Webster has been out of class most of this week, with class 8 being taught by two different teachers through the week. Mrs Fisher looked at the properties of 3d shapes and using nets to construct 3d shapes in maths. In English she looked at creating a pirate story. Every pupil had to roll a dice and the number corresponded with a character, setting, object or a word. These then had to be used in the pirate stories.


Mrs Graham then took class 8. She looked at multiplications and introduced the ‘chip shop challenge’, but unfortunately there were not chips available. In English, the class had to complete some reading comprehension about a shark attack! The class then designed a poster or flyer offering advice and information about sharks. Class 8 also made some oat biscuits in cooking and joined with class 4 to have a game of Kwik Cricket in PE.


Congratulations to Cieran who won the ‘most points’ award and to Callum for winning the ‘student of the week’ award. Congratulations also to Imani who has been horse riding as a reward for her great behaviour.