Class 8 - WC 14/11/16

We had a very busy week in class 8 this week, due to the visit from OFSTED. Everyone did extremely well and represented the school amazingly; Especially Callum, who managed three green days, resulting in the ‘most points’ award and the ‘student of the week’ award.


In maths we have been using our times tables a lot; looking at multiples, common multiples, factors and prime numbers. All the practice on ‘hit the button’ seems to have paid off! In English we focused on creating paragraphs and using topic sentences to introduce the paragraphs.


We started an investigation in science, seeing if our cress seeds will grow without light, warmth, water, air or soil. We have planted the seeds and will observe them next week to see how they grow. Callum and Viktor made pasta Bolognese in cooking.