Class 8 - WC 19/06/17

We welcomed a new pupil to class 8 this week, with Tyler coming to Ellar Carr from Park Primary. We looked at ways we could ‘sell’ our inventions in English; firstly looking at persuasive writing. We used this to describe our inventions and then to say why people couldn’t live without them. We then took this information and created an advert for our inventions. We used bright colours, snappy headlines and alliteration to attract peoples’ interest.


In maths we started to look at different averages; covering the mode, median and range. We went into the school car park to find the mode colour and make of cars. Everyone did extremely well, being able to find different averages from the same set of numbers.


On Wednesday we had a whole school BBQ, with everyone eating loads. Class 8 also enjoyed the extra break time that we got as well!