Class 8 - WC 24/04/17

We chose a new topic for the new half term; the Ancient Greeks. We started the topic by looking at a map of modern day Europe, focusing on where Greece is. We then watched a short video, showing us the origins of the Ancient Greek Empire and how it expanded under Alexander the Great, was divided after his death and later defeated by the Romans.


In maths we looked at reflecting shapes over vertical and horizontal lines as well as 45◦ lines. We then looked at rotating shapes, using tracing paper to help us. On Friday we completed our maths investigation.


Congratulations go to Danny for winning the ‘student of the week’ award and Imani for winning the ‘most points’ award. Congratulations also go to Callum for representing the class at Elm Tree Court and Imani for earning her horse riding session. Finally, we welcomed a new pupil, Luke, to class 8.