Class 8 - WC 25/09/17

We welcomed a new pupil into class 8 this week, with Mack making the short trip from class 7. We have been looking at conjunctions and how they can be used in different sentences. Everyone completed some excellent stories in our POW this week, making sure that they included every feature of the new ‘check lists’.


In maths we have started looking at multiplication. Firstly, we looked at doubling numbers. We then looked at multiplying, and then dividing, whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100 and 1,000. Mr Shah took the science lesson this week, looking at different types of skeleton. I wonder if Stanley would’ve been flattened if he had an exoskeleton. In cooking we made some tomato and basil spaghetti and it smelled delicious.


Congratulations to Katie-Mae who won the ‘most points’ award, the ‘student of the week’ award as well as earning a trip horse riding.