Class 8 - WC 26/06/17

We have had another busy week in class 8. In maths we continued to look at different averages, with everyone now being able to calculate the mean, mode, median and range from the same set of data. We noticed that even though we are using the same numbers, each average could have a different answer!


In English we wrote our articles for the school newsletter, so keep your eyes peeled for the summer edition, as it may well feature an article from class 8. We also completed our POW this week, with some very interesting stories about giant rats, vampire ghosts and a trip to the park!


Callum and Tyler completed some excellent science work, investigating how to separate different mixtures by using different equipment; magnets, sieves, filter paper and evaporation. In cooking we made spaghetti with tomato and balsamic sauce.


Congratulations to Callum who has earned the ‘most points’ award as well as the ‘student of the week’ award. Further congratulations to Callum, as he represented the school and class 8 as a member of the student interview panel, who interviewed prospective SNTAs.