Class 8 - WC 27/03/17

We completed our assessed writing in English this week. We focused on a narrative, with pupils selecting their own settings and characters. We had a planning lesson, highlighting the importance of describing the characters looks, thoughts and feelings as well as setting the scene.


In maths we continued to look at the area of different shapes. We found the area of composite shapes by splitting them up and then finding the area of the rectangles or squares that make them up. We then moved onto finding the area of triangles.


In science we continued our healthy lifestyle theme. We looked at the difference in heart rates when resting, after a warm up, after exercise and after a cool down. We made predictions and then carried out our investigation in the hall. We made Easter cards in art and chocolate birds nests in cooking.


Congratulations to Imani who won the ‘most points’ award, ‘student of the week’ award and achieved a green week.