Class 8 - WC 29/01/18

We looked at 2d shapes this week in maths. Firstly, we looked at naming as many different 2d shapes as possible. We then focused on lines of symmetry as well as rotational symmetry. We then looked specifically at different types of triangles and their properties with Mr Shah.


We completed POW with Mr Shah this week; a story about Adi who found a mirror, map and note in his grans attic. I have again had some excellent reports on all the great work that class 8 pupils are completing in their different English groups; keep it up!


In science we looked at magnetic fields and investigated which materials in class were magnetic and which were not. In cooking we created some chocolate brownies; Imani’s looked amazing…Zak and Tyler’s first batch didn’t look as great (a brownie/ fried egg combination).


Congratulations to Zak who won the ‘student of the week’ award and Katie-Mae for earning the ‘most points’ award. Congratulations also to Tyler, who earned a £5 voucher for reading to members of staff 20 times.