Class 8 - WC 30/01/17

We have planned and written our assessed writing in class this week. Pupils had to think write a set of instructions, explaining how to make something, get somewhere or use something. We had instructions on how to make breakfast sandwiches, drive a car and turn on a PS4. We also looked at some famous, real life pirates.


In maths we have been looking at different properties of shapes. This included naming the different types of triangle and the various quadrilaterals. We also used a net to make different 3d shapes. In science we looked at density and how this affects whether objects float or sink. We made predictions, carried out our investigation and then made observations. In cooking we made some Valentine’s Day biscuits.


Congratulations to Callum for winning the ‘student of the week’ award and to Cieran for winning the ‘most points’ award.