Class 8 - WC 30/10/17

We had a delayed start to the half term due to some work being completed on the ceiling in school. Despite the shorter week, we still managed to pack a lot of exciting lessons into the first week back. We started by introducing the new English curriculum, which involves pupils moving to a different class for their English lessons. Kyla, Zak, Katie-Mae, Tyler and Imani will all be studying English in a different class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mack and Onray will remain in class 8, and are joined by Adam, David and Cameron.


In maths we looked at using BODMAS to correctly answer two phased mathematical problems. We firstly had to learn what BODMAS stands for. We then used this to help us answer the correct part of the maths problem first. In cooking we made some delicious potato wedges; chilli, mixed herbs and salt and pepper were used to flavour them. In art we used glitter glue and pastels to make firework pictures.


Congratulations to Onray who was the ‘student of the week’ and Imani who won the ‘most points’ award. Congratulations also to Kyla for earning a £5 voucher for filling her book mark with reading stickers. We had a quiet class on Friday, with Imani and Kyla earning a trip to horse riding and Tyler representing the class at Elm Tree Court.