Class 9 - WC 08/01/18

A fantastic week for Class 9!!! In English we have looked at the Purpose of Texts in preparation for our exams. In Maths we have conquered bar charts, pictograms and tally charts.
The most exciting point of the week was cooking. The students made roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots in the hope that one day they will cook this for their families. Jay once again was named 'Top Chef.'
Class 9 have also completed work around healthy eating. They created their own healthy snacks to try. This was not as popular as the roast potatoes but some of the students were surprised that Healthy Snacks do not taste as bad as they think they do!!
Student of the week went to George for a positive attitude to work and much more interaction in class. Well done George!
Class 9 are looking forward to a positive and successful half term.