Class 6's Art project has been their favorite activity this week; We made Fortnite masks! The process involved balloons, papier mache and a careful hand for painting. 
In English we have been reading great books including; The Twits, Charlie and the Chocolate factory and Skellig (we can't wait to find out what Skellig is).
Rulers, meter sticks and measuring wheels have been used to find the perimeter of our classroom. Our math topic has been measurement; we have measured things from the width of our desks to the length of our blinds.
As a class we have been winning lots of raffle tickets, hoping to get drawn out as the lucky prize winner. Pupils have received raffle tickers for; outstanding work, an act of kindness and helping to clean up our new kitchen. 
On Thursday, the school was taken over by Zombies! We wrote a group POW, unfortunately Jess and Isoel didn't make it over the fence and ouch Charlie bit my finger!