Class 2 Autumn 1

The last two weeks we have continued to settle into our classroom and have begun to get our teeth stuck into the timetabled lessons. The boys have been completing work with encouragement and support and are already improving their handwriting, reading and mathematical skills. They are proud of their workbooks and their classroom and love to see their work on the Proud Wall!

We have discussed attendance and rewards and the classroom display has been updated so that all students and visitors to our classroom can see how many rewards and what level of attendance each student has achieved each week. Class 2 students are keen to get as many rewards as possible.

We held a McMillan Coffee Morning on Friday 27th October and Class 2 contributed two chocolate cakes, a coconut and jam tray bake and a vegan banana bread – all made by Class 2! Really good effort for a great cause so well done to all concerned.

Finally, we have a new student joining us this week; the boys are looking forward to welcoming him and showing him how we do things in Class 2 and at Ellar Carr.