Class 3 - wc 04.09.2018

Class 3 had a great first week back at school.
We have been missing Mrs Marsden, as she has moved classes, but it goes without saying that her help and support over the last school year has made a huge difference to the staff and pupils in class and we can't thank her enough for this. I know that the pupils have particularly been thankful for everything shed has done in our class.
We have welcomed Miss Ahmed in to class and we are all really enjoying getting to know her better and working with her. We are excited to spend the year ahead being supported and encouraged by Miss Ahmed.
We got straight back in to work in English and started to work on our Functional Skills Level 2 as the majority of the class passed their Level 1 which is really fantastic and the whole school staff are really proud. We have looked at what we need to do this year and how we are going to achieve it. Staff have worked hard with the pupils to set their own targets now that they are in Year 11.
In Maths we have moved straight in to the curriculum and we are working hard to ensure the pupils have a good understanding of how to work logically and methodically to reach our targets, which again, have been set by the pupils.
We are looking forward to a great Year 11!
Have a great weekend from all in Class 3.