Class 3 - wc 10.09.2018

Hello from Class 3!
This week in English we have completed an interesting reading comprehension about The Windrush, this was really interesting and something that not many of the class had every heard of (including staff). 
In Maths we have been working on word problems based on recipes and will be continuing this kind of investigation next week. This allows the students to make their own decisions about how to answer this type of question, and master their skills in problem solving.
In cooking this week we made a stir fry. This was really nice but the class definitely prefer it when we are making puddings and sweet stuff.
Year 11 had our first coaching session with coaches at Guiseley FC as part of our Sport and Active Leisure BTEC. This was enjoyed by everyone and we are looking forward to continuing next week.
Have a great weekend from all in Class 3.