Class 3 - WC 12.11.18

Class 3 have had a really busy week.
In English this week we have been working really hard to work on how to improve their planning skills. Pupils looked at the different ways to plan and why it an important part of the writing process. We then used our new skills to write a letter. Pupils chose who they were sending the letter to, and what it was going to be about. They had to make sure that they had thought about their audience and the purpose of the letter.
In Maths we have been studying fractions. Pupils can identify fractions and can now add and subtract them with more confidence. We did fraction puzzles on Friday to show our progress.
In cooking this week we baked buns and decorated them with Pudsey Bear faces and other Children In Need related goodies, all ready for the bake sale we had on Friday. The pupils in Class 3 were responsible for serving the school with their buns, taking their money, and giving them the correct change. We had a variety of other activities going on, such as the 'guess the number of sweeties in the jar' competition. The jars were given as the prize with the winners being Charlie and Darren.
We enjoyed a trip to the cinema this week for our excellent behaviour and watched Coco, which is a wonderful film and we all really enjoyed watching it.
We are really pleased that it's the weekend so that we can relax and get ready for the next one.
Have a great weekend from all in Class 3.