Class 3 - WC 17.09.2018

In English this week we have been learning about the layout of texts and the different types of text. We looked at the ways texts were laid out looked at the similarities and differences between the variety of texts. We did a reading comprehension on the Goose Fair and also learnt a little about William Shakespeare.
In Maths we looked at how to cost recipes. We chose a variety of recipes and looked at how much these would cost to make for different numbers of people.  We looked at how we could make recipes cheaper. We also calculated how much produce we needed to buy to create the recipes.
To further investigate our maths work we had a trip out to Aldi to to buy produce for a recipe. This gave the pupils an opportunity to practice paying for goods and making sure they had been given the correct change.
In cooking this week we made shepherds pie. This was a really good recipes to practice chopping and combining ingredients, and using the hobs and ovens for one recipes.
We are looking forward to making pancakes next week.
Have a great weekend from everyone in Class 3.