Class 3 - WC 19.11.18

In Class 3 this week we have been concentrating really hard on our PSE BTEC. We have been learning about a lot of issues that affect us as youngsters, including drugs, peer pressure and alcohol. We were taught some of the information, and also had to do our own research using the Internet.
In Maths we have been working on percentages, including percentage increase and decrease. We learned different ways to remember how to calculate these and pupils then chose the method they were most comfortable with.
English was very varied this week. We did research using the laptops to find out about global warming and used this information to write an article. We are going to use our next laptop session to type these up and add photos which we can then display in our classroom.
Cooking was fantastic this week and all students managed to make amazing toad in the hole.
We are really looking forward to next week when we will be cooking mince pies and feeling festive.
Have a fabulous weekend from all in Class 3.