Class 3 - WC 28.01.2019

Class 3 have had a busy week and we welcomed three new Year 10 pupils to the class.
In English this week we have been looking at different leaflets and understanding the variety of ways for an organisation to present persuasive facts about themselves. The students then recreated their own leaflets to advertise their own business or theme park. We had some really good examples of brilliant leaflets.
Maths was a tricky one this week as geometry and shapes always seem to get the students in a muddle. We looked at 2D and 3D shapes and made our own nets. We worked on understanding lines of symmetry and also symmetry using a mirror line.
On Thursday we had a walk to the local churchyard to find some inspiration for our POW this week. We looked at the graves and took photos of the beautiful frozen cobwebs and flowers that we found. It was a lovely brisk walk in the cold and we enjoyed being out of the classroom.
The class made some beautiful ginger snap biscuits in cooking this week and enjoyed eating some in the afternoon.
Have a great weekend from all in Class 3.