Class 7 - WC 05.11.2018

Maths- In Maths this week Class 7 have been trying really hard to get to grips with rounding numbers to nearest 10 and 100. We really enjoyed playing a maths game with dice which involved rounding decimals to the nearest whole number. We also started to explore BODMAS and understand different operations when looking difficult calculations.

English- In Phonics this week we have been reading a text involving orangutans. The students got really excited when we found out that orangutans have over 25 different grunts! We even made an information poster all about orangutans using the information which they could retrieve from the text.

Overall, this week we have had insightful week learning about WWI and trying to imagine what it was like to live in them times. We created war planes out of paper and made pretend bunkers and took cover in them whilst the air siren went off.