Class 8 - WC 21/05/18

It was the much anticipated return of Mr Webster in class 8 this week! Despite the cheering and constant party atmosphere, we did manage to complete some work. In maths we looked at interpreting data from a pie chart and using data to create our own pie charts. We worked out that we needed to divide 360, because that is the amount of degrees in a circle, by the total number of data. This gave use the size in degrees of a single piece of data. Mack worked extremely hard on his four times tables.


We had an extremely fun group POW this week, writing a story about Emma and Foxy and their adventure on their way to an audition in London. Everyone contributed ideas and some interesting descriptive language. In science we investigated what happens when you add vinegar to milk; it didn’t feel or smell very nice! In cooking we created some delicious flapjacks.


Congratulations to Katie-Mae for winning the ‘student of the week’ award and to Imani for winning the ‘most points’ award; these two also earned a £5 voucher for their green weeks. Congratulations also to Onray who won a ‘gold award’ for a very good week of behaviour.