World Cancer Day

7th February 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

World Cancer Day – Friday 7th February 2020

We are holding a competition for that participate in by designing a Boxing Belt.   The class will win a signed boxing glove, by a professional boxer (names are on the quiet for the time being).  The winners will keep the glove in their class.

All students and staff are able to wear non uniform on this day, representing a colour off their choice from the Cancer Ribbon Colors.

If your child wishes to participate then please send a contribution of £1.00 with your child for non uniform, staff will be contributing £2.00.  

We shall also be having a number of activities throughout the day around school for both students and staff to particiatpe in;   

  •          Breakfast Sandwich £1.00              Staff Sandwich £2.00
  •          Pink Tea 25p                                     Pink Tea 50p
  •          Auctions – costs will vary

Plus many many more things….. so if you wish please send in extra money with your child.

please do so.

 ‘’Cancer does not have a face until it’s yours or someone you know’’

Many thanks for your continued support

Mr H Jabbar