Foundation Subjects

For all our foundation subjects we will be following the ASDAN course, for each 10 hours a student completes they will achieve a certificate.
How interesting is your local area? This is a question we will be focusing on this half term in History. Students will be exploring their local area to see if there's anything that's changed whilst they have lived there or to see if theres any thing that stands out for them. I know in my local area there's is a cenotaph and I find it interesting to show respect to the people who lost their lives so we could live ours. Hopefully when we get back in to school we will be able to go on a trip to one of these. 
The topic we have chosen to look at this half term is mental health, students will be working independently whilst at home to create a mental health wellbeing, when students return to school we will come together to discuss our ideas and hopefully be able to get our wellbeing campaign started. 
How quick could you catch something if you saw it falling? Students will be asked to give a prediction for this then once they have done this we will do the experiment to see if they were correct in their predictions. This will help students understand reaction time.
Reuse, Recycle or Reduce over this half term we will be looking at how we can help put a stop to waste and save our animals! We will be looking at what each one means and how we can control this for example reusing a supermarket carrier bag rather than buying a new one or not using a plastic straw which is dangerous to our wildlife when we have looked at this we will hopefully be able to do a campaign around school to help Ash Valley College become a greener place!