Class Five and Regency Court Care Home

20th July 2017

Airedale Social Movement

Local communities in West and North Yorkshire have united to form the Airedale Social Movement and they are committed to finding ways to help keep people in care homes involved and active.

The programme is managed in partnership with the local NHS and Ellar Carr is part of this initiative.

Over the past four months, covering the spring and the majority of the summer term, class five have been actively involved with the Regency Court Care Home in Keighley.

Regency Court is a small friendly home set in a semi-rural village on the outskirts of Keighley.

The home is a former farmhouse, which maintains many of its original features. The home is able to care for up to 20 individuals and specialises in the care of individuals living with Dementia.

The students and staff have been working closely with the carers at Regency Court inside with the daily routine of the residents and the landscaping of the outside areas, turning an unkempt area of garden into an area that is both hospitable and welcoming to residents, staff and visiting family.

The students, during their time at Regency Court have been given in depth training on the causes of Dementia, they completed a Dementia Friends session to understand dementia further.

The scheme has since helped create bonds between students and the residents and how best to be of assistance to residents who are living with the condition. 

Some of the students found the subject to be somewhat alien to them, having had no experience in this area and other students have found the information and guidance given being of great assistance in their home environment as they have family members who are living with dementia. 

In conjunction with the work being carried out at Regency Court, the students used this experience at the care home in regards to completing their BTEC Level 1 Health and Social Care award. 

The student have written an assignment reviewing the whole project which has also included photographs.

All have successfully passed the award.

The students have said they would like do similar work in the future for college work experience. 

A video of the schools achievements at Regency Court can be seen on the attached link or on Youtube.

Please feel free to copy the below link into youtube and view the video.

Airedale Garden –


Dave Lodge

Parent Practitioner