Leading Parent Partnership Award



Dear All

Ellar Carr is proud of its working relationships with parents and carers; however as a school we are always keen to develop many more aspects of our home-school partnership.

A parent’s involvement in their child’s learning really does make a difference and here at Ellar Carr we are committed to giving our parents the tools and support that they need to help their child to achieve to their full potential.

Over the last year, we have been working towards achieving a national award called the ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award’ (LPPA). This award looks at how well we work with parents and carers, how welcoming the school is and how we support parents in helping their child to learn.

We aim to improve communication with parents and the community, support parents and children to extend their learning and to encourage a greater input and more involvement of parents in school life.

You can find out more about the Leading Parent Partnership Award via the LPPA website: www.lppa.co.uk.

The Aims of the LPPA

The LPPA consists of ten evidence-based Objectives which our school must meet to get the award:

1. The school demonstrates a commitment to work towards the Leading Parent Partnership Award.

2. The school makes and implements effective plans to achieve and maintain the Leading Parent Partnership Award.

3. The school is a welcoming and friendly place for parents.

4. The school promotes an awareness of and participation in lifelong learning opportunities available in school and in the community to all groups of parents. 

5. The school holds and actively promotes enrichment opportunities or events for joint parent/child participation.

6. The school provides good induction for all new parents.

7. The school provides parents with relevant and user-friendly guidance and information to help them support their children’s learning.

8. The school produces and implements parent friendly policies to establish effective home school-links and improve pupil/student attendance, punctuality, behaviour and progress and positive participation in school.

9. The school provides good support for transition for parents when their children leave the school.

10. The school evaluates performance against the Leading Parent Partnership Award.

So what is the award?

The LPPA is a nationally recognised award achievable by schools who work very closely with the families of their pupils. The assessment is made by an external advisor.

What difference will the award make to the work we already do?

It will make our work with families even better. It will improve our communication and build more activities for families in school.

From the offset, it quickly became apparent that in many respects we had already fulfilled the majority of the aims and objectives.

In July we were successful in our endeavours and the school became the proud recipient of the LPPA.

We are now looking towards the future.

Each and every Wednesday we will be holding coffee mornings.

Letters have been sent out to all parents in regards to what is on offer for them at the school.

Regular updates will be published on the website both in the LPPA and the Parent Partnership section giving important and useful information for all parents and care's.



Dave Lodge

Parent Practitioner


Dear All
Great News from the LPPA Parent Partnership.
We will be holding regular coffee mornings which will be held on each and every Wednesday morning between 10am and 11am.
We will be starting our first regular coffee morning this coming Wednesday (231116) and you are more than welcome to come along.
A letter will be sent out with your child with further information.


Dave Lodge